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Birthmother: Questions to ask when you are looking for LGBT Adoptive Parents for Your Child...


When selecting parents to raise your child, you might prefer to place your baby with an LGBT couple. LifeLong Adoptions caters to all types of families and so we believe in the LGBT community’s rights to become parents. When you are select parents for placement, it is a big decision and you have to consider a lot of factors. We want to help you make the right choice. That is why we have made these questions to help you with the process.

How do you imagine your child’s future?

When you think about your child’s future, what do you see? What are some of the things that you want for your him/her? If a good education is important to you, take into consideration the location of the adoptive parents. Do they live in an area that is known for quality education? Does the area have both public and private schools? Geographical location also plays a role in the type of life your child will live. Do the adoptive parents mention a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of other children? Do they live an urban lifestyle or a suburban lifestyle?

What are the Morals or Values you Can’t Compromise on?

Values, beliefs and morals are a major concern for many birthparents. For some, religious beliefs are a requirement, and for many a specific religion is preferred. If religion is important to you and you want it to play a role in your child’s life, there are many adoptive parents that LifeLong Adoptions work with who can accommodate this need. Additionally, family values and morals also play a strong role in choosing LGBT Adoptive Parents. If strong family values are important to you, ask yourself these questions: do the adoptive parents have a large family? Do they live near their family members such as their parents who could be doting grandparents? Do they have siblings who will provide aunts, uncles and possibly cousins to your child? Do they currently have any children? Are they planning to have/adopt more children?

What are Your Hobbies and Interests You’d like Passed onto Your Child?

Have you always imagined your daughter to be a ballerina just like you? Or a musician just like his dad? While it may be difficult to find LGBT adoptive parents who fit your hobbies and interests exactly, it is important to many birthparents that their children are exposed to the same activities that they themselves are passionate about. At LifeLong Adoptions, we help our adoptive parents create unique profiles that illustrate their favorite hobbies and pastimes. From their favorite books and movies to their favorite subjects in school and favorite sports, you can have an idea of the things your child will be exposed to from browsing our waiting families profiles.

When choosing adoptive parents for your child, it might seem that it’s impossible to be sure you made the right choice. The decision is very hard and the questions you ask yourself can be endless. But if you use the answers to the guidelines above, we hope it will encourage a more peaceful and confident mentality as you go through your adoption process. The professional and caring staff at LifeLong Adoptions understands the difficulties of placing a child for adoption, and is here to assist you through your adoption journey.

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