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Nervous Labor

Pregnancy can be a scary process, but even scarier is labor and delivery. Many women feel a lot of anxiety about giving birth. If you are nervous, you are not alone. A big part of the worry stems from having questions you may be afraid to ask. It’s important to remember that you can trust in the medical team to guide you through. Don’t hesitate to talk to them about any of your concerns, it’s unlikely that haven’t already heard the same things from countless other women. They are there to provide helpful labor tips and support throughout this experience. Here are just 5 of the most common questions that most women have about labor and delivery.

How much will it hurt?

It may seem cliché, but there really isn’t a good way to describe the feeling of childbirth to someone who hasn’t been through it. Yes, it will hurt, but you will be given the option of having IV pain medications and an epidural before delivery. Make sure you talk to your nurses about having an epidural ahead of time so they are prepared.

Is it true that I might poop?

Yes, it is true, it is normal, and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your body is under great physical strain during childbirth. All that pushing may or may not result in more than just the baby. It is very common, and no one will be at all surprised or bothered by it.

Will I get damaged ‘down there’?

Your body is specially designed to accommodate pregnancy and childbirth. It is more resilient than you may think. Still, there is always a possibility that you will experience some tearing from delivery. It is unpreventable, so try not to stress about it. You will heal.

What if there are complications?

Childbirth is perhaps the most complex process the human body undergoes. Things can get complicated. Remember that once your labor begins, your body has taken over and whatever happens from that point on is out of your control. Don’t panic. You have an entire professional team standing by in case of anything. They have years of training and expertise to ensure that you and the baby get through this safely.

What if I have to have a C-section?

This is also nothing to panic about. Around 30 percent of childbirths are via C-section, either planned or unplanned. The doctor and medical staff are fully prepared to jump right into this simple surgery if needed. You will be given medication for pain and anxiety and the C-section itself is a standard procedure that will be over quicker than you think.

There is no doubt that labor and delivery can be frightening. Childbirth is not comparable to any other life experience, so it is impossible to know what to expect. It’s a good idea to talk openly with your doctor, nurses, and other women about your thoughts. Trust your professional team and above all, trust your own body.

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