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How to Decide Between Parenting and Adoption

When you find out that you are pregnant it can be hard to decide between parenting and adoption. The decision isn’t always easy. Many factors come into play. When making your decision you need to take into consideration what is best for you and what is best for your child. Do not let anyone make the decision for you or influence your decision.


Have you been alternating between parenting and adoption? Have you thought long and hard about making an adoption plan? So how do you know what is the right choice for you and your baby? When choosing between parenting vs adoption, consider the following:


Are You Ready?

When you find yourself choosing between parenting and adoption, the most important question is, “Am I ready?”


Becoming a parent is a big responsibility. Not everyone is ready to raise a child. If you are not ready, that is okay. There are people available to help you understand the adoption process.

If you are ready to be a parent, but you are scared there is support for you also.


Whatever decision you make needs to be yours. Don’t let anyone else pressure you into parenting or adoption. The decision isn’t easy. But it is one that you will have to live with the rest of your life.


Can You Afford a Child?

Are you financially ready to raise a child? Kids aren’t cheap. From pregnancy, childbirth, medical care, food, housing to education, it all adds up. Even if you haven’t planned ahead of time, don’t let this be your only deciding factor. There are financial resources available.


However, if you do believe that your financial situation will be a problem, adoption is a choice. Adoption can provide your child with financial stability and countless opportunities.


Home Environment

How is your home environment? Is it safe and loving? Your home is the most important place for your child. What they see and hear behind closed doors greatly impacts their emotional and physical well-being.


A negative environment can interfere with healthy development. Studies have shown that a bad home life can lead to behavioral problems, depression, poor language development, aggression along with other developmental problems.


Your Support System

Do you have a stable support system? It can be hard being a single mother. Not only having someone else to help you take care of the child, but also the income. In today’s society, it is almost impossible to raise a child with only one income.


However, a single mother can raise a child in a healthy loving environment. With the help of family and friends, there is no reason a child should have to be adopted because of an absent father. There are countless single mothers that provide amazing home lives for their children.


It’s Your Choice

While contemplating between parenting vs adoption can be stressful, there are people that can help. However, there is only one person that can make the final decision, and that is you. Nobody but you know if you are ready to be a parent.

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