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What Expectant Birth Moms Seek from Adoptive Parents

The adoption placement community can see certain trends, such as what qualities a birth mother is looking for in adoptive parents. You may be looking for young parents who are married out of college and have home in a supportive community. Conversely, you may wish to place your child with same-sex parents who have tried to adopt for years. 

Since placing your child with prospective parents is your right, let's take a closer look at the trends we see in adoption placement. 


Factors that Go into Making The Decision

When choosing adoption, you have the legal right to decide what family or parent receives your child. As part of the adoption process, you will be presented with families and candidates who match your stated desires. 


You will see profiles with the age of the parent(s), their sexual orientation with regards to whom they are married, get a general picture of their overall health, and see what city and community they live in. You will be able to decide whom to interview and meet with to discuss the situation further to see if they match the qualities you're looking for when placing your baby for adoption.


Be True to Yourself

As part of the adoption process, the agency will set up a face-to-face interview with you and the prospective parents, so you can ask questions. This can sound like a daunting experience, but the power lies with you to choose where to place your baby. It is important to be yourself and ask the prospective parents questions to see if they live their life in a way that sounds authentic to you and the life you want for your baby.


The decision of child placement is solely based on what the birth mom chooses. The trends we see in agencies show that a birth mother wants their child to be:


  • Safe

  • Protected 

  • Provided for with a stable socioeconomic background

  • Have a strong, supportive family or community structure

You can also decide if you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption with the prospective family. Each birth mom has a vision in her mind of what she's seeking for her child, so it is important to speak up and talk with your agency about how you feel for single parents, same-sex parents, age requirements, or health and medical questions.


Same Sex and Single Parents

Things are changing for the better with more opportunities for same-sex parents to adopt a child. The trends in domestic adoption in America are declinding in general, but same-sex parents adopting a child is on the rise with millions of children being raised by LGBT parents and single-parents. 


As a birth mom, you should know these types of adoptions have their own challenges to face, but you may be a birth mom who strongly believes in these values and lifestyles, and you may specifically seek out same-sex parents with a loving home. Similarly, single parents may have considerable hurdles to jump over when seeking to adopt, but a birth mother may specifically request a single mother or father for their child. 


Express Your Needs Clearly

Birth moms will endure a lot of hardship during the adoption process, but by placing your baby for adoption, you have the right to make a confident match with the prospective family. This will help you to feel more confident about your decision in choosing adoption. 


Speak with your agency about your rights, your choices, and how the interview process will work for prospective parents. The more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you will be with your decisions.

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