A Birthmother's Love

I found out that I was pregnant during a time when I was sleeping on my family friend’s couch. I felt like adoption was the right choice for me. So with the help of my wonderful sister, I started looking online. I was just overwhelmed by everything. I called LifeLong Adoptions just to feel confirmation that adoption was the right process for me. Then I would wait until I was past my 12 weeks to get serious about who to work with.

I don’t know what made me choose LifeLong Adoptions. I guess I just felt a release of calm. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the adoption process, but I got more of a blessing. I wasn’t sure if a family I picked was going to be what my daughter needed, but I had to pray and give all my thoughts on families to God.

Well, I had forgotten all about the adoptive families I had seen in my first packet when I get another packet of family profiles from LifeLong. Now mind you, I had seen the family I prayed on before in my first packet of families, but this time that family was on top of the stack of profiles. It was like God was making the decision for me.

Once I got done crying, I called my wonderful adoption coordinator to tell her. I met the family and fell in love with them. I’m blessed to know that. Yes, carrying around your child for nine months in your belly is the easy part. The hard part was watching another woman hold your baby. I do regret adoption in the way that I made this being, it’s my child, but I know where my heart is.

Thanks, LifeLong Adoptions and everyone involved. You really helped a girl turn into a selfless woman.

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