A Birthmother's Love

Choosing Adoption

I decided to place my baby for adoption because it was the best decision for her and the best decision that I had at the time. One of the concerns that I had walking into adoption was that it would be like what you see on TV, but it wasn’t at all, and the bond that I had with the adoptive parents continued to ease my concerns. In addition, the way that LifeLong helped me was amazing and I had a lot of support throughout the process. The adoptive parents that I chose were extremely supportive and even came to my doctor’s appointments. My OBGYN also had a personal connection to adoption as he had adopted children of his own, so he was an amazing support as well for both the adoptive parents and myself.

The Perfect Fit

I first reached out to LifeLong Adoptions around five months into my pregnancy, and was connected right away with a coordinator to help me through the process. She explained everything to me, was patient, and answered all my questions. What I looked for most in an adoptive family was the love and support that my baby would have. There was one family who caught my eye and after my first conversation with them, I knew they were the perfect fit! We were able to meet in person two days after we initially connected with each other and they were literally there every step of the way throughout my pregnancy.

A Selfless Act of Love

Although I was very committed to my decision, I got extremely scared closer to her birth and I was an emotional wreck. It sucked after the birth because I just had a baby but she wasn’t with me, and I didn’t hold her or anything. However, then I got to spend time with the adoptive parents and her, and got to see just how much they loved her. I saw how well they were taking care of her and in that moment, I knew what I did was right. I ended up choosing a semi-open adoption so that I can still receive pictures and updates to know how she is doing. My advice for other pregnant women who are considering adoption is that it is the most selfless act of love. You are not alone. It will be tough, but there are places and support that can help you grieve. It is a process of its own kind. Just know that you are brave and amazing.

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