Kevin & Coy

Kevin and Coy our adoption story

The Journey to Adoption

We always knew we wanted to have a family and had first tried to make that happen through foster care. Unfortunately, after several years of heartbreak, we looked into pursuing other options. It did not take us too long to determine adoption was the path for us. We did research and found many agencies not willing to work with us due to our family type. After coming across LifeLong and learning how open they were to all family types, we knew we had found the right fit.

It took us some time to truly trust the process. We still had the foster care mindset, and it made us paranoid. We had heard horror stories about adoption and had already struggled with the foster system, but we quickly realized how different both avenues were. Everyone was so helpful and checked in, helping us ease into that trust. We admit it was hard to break the wall down. However, everyone we worked with was so supportive and helpful. The reassurance we were given throughout the entire process was extremely helpful and made the process so smooth.

Chosen Early

Not too long into the process, we were chosen to start talking with an expectant mother who was very early on in her pregnancy. We hit it off really quickly, and the birthfather was even involved in the process. About three weeks after our first call, we met in person. We were all a nervous wreck! We truly enjoyed getting to know both of them and continued to meet a few more times throughout the pregnancy. She understandably struggled throughout. We all shared a lot of emotions, but we made sure to always be there to support her. She did not know what to expect and, really, neither did we, but ultimately we all became family.

“You will have worries, but have faith that everything will work out. Take a leap, and you're going to be successful.”
-Kevin & Coy

Not only were we getting the joy of possibly having one but two babies! Yes, twins! This was of course a dream of ours and beyond exciting. We found out that a c-section would be needed, and we all had three days to prepare. We arrived at the hospital at 7a.m., and the babies were here at 1 p.m. Due to the hospital protocols, only one of us could be in the room with her as she delivered. Coy was chosen to be that person. The time he spent in the room with the birthmother had them both overwhelmed with emotions. Coy held her hand and continued to encourage her, and they cried together. Kevin and the birthfather were able to see the babies as they were being wheeled by.

Once we were able to hold them and feed them, it was the best feeling anyone could have. It was by far the most amazing experience we had ever experienced. It is so unreal looking at them. We are still in shock, but we made it! Finally!

Becoming a Family

Our babies’ birthparents do have other children who unfortunately, due to hospital rules, couldn’t be there for their parents. However, they are now our family. We made the promise to visit them on the way home and continue to keep them updated.

This experience is not easy. You have to put your faith in everyone and relax. Have patience, and trust the process. Coming from fostering, we had a lot of trust issues. The adoption process was so different. You realize you cannot hesitate. You will have worries, but have faith that everything will work out. Take a leap, and you're going to be successful..


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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