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10 Quick Tips for Families Hoping to Adopt a Baby

Adopting a baby into your home is fun and exciting, heartwarming and all encompassing. It can also be chaotic, stressful, expensive, and discouraged by members of the family. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the adoption, adoptive parents may have a wide range of emotions, changing as often as the weather.

 When you're preparing to adopt a baby, the anticipation can be overwhelming. It is a long process, including going through a home study, waiting for a birthmother to choose you, and waiting for the baby to be born. Anxiety concerning what it will feel like to bring your child home and adjusting and transitioning to life with a new baby may also occur on a personal level.

In hopes of easing the process, we’d like to offer 10 quick pieces of advice for families hoping to adopt a baby:

1. Communicate as often as possible with others going through the adoption process and learn from their experiences.

2. Plan in advance for any and all emergencies.

3. Take time off of work and school to center your life on the new baby and create a bond.

4. Practice patience during the adoption process and keep your options open!

5. Look into all of the methods available for financial aid during the adoption process.

6. Accept any and all help before, during, and after the adoption.

7. Be prepared to answer questions others may have concerning your growing family.

8. Prepare your home well in advance. Stock the pantry, closet, and medicine cabinet.

9. If able, go on vacation and enjoy your free time before the baby arrives.

10. Attempt to enjoy the process of adoption and trust in the dream of parenting.

Preparing for a new baby in advance can lessen the feelings of anxiety and help aid in the transition to caring for a newborn. Preparing one’s self and family, accepting help when offered, and knowing the process at hand all aids in the adoption process and will serve your new family well!

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