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LGBT Adoption Grants 2022

LGBT Grants To Help With Adoption Costs

Adoption is not always affordable for every family household. That’s why there are some adoption financial assistance options you should look into if you’re considering adoption. Adoption Grant Programs can serve as a great option. Grant programs are open to all legal adoptions including private or public agency adoptions, adoptions facilitated by an attorney, international, and special needs adoptions. Here are some basic things you need to know about adoption grants and LGBT Adoption grants to help with adoption costs.

Types of Adoption Grants

There are three types of adoption grants available for prospective adoptive parents, including LBGT adoptive parents.

  1. Direct grants are given by the adoption grant organization. The organization reviews your application and awards the money to you outright.
  2. Connection grant means that the grant organization offers to match dollar for dollar donations the adoptive family collects from donors.
  3. Fundraising grants provide you with an account that allows people to make donations toward your adoption. In this case, the grant organization is not giving you the funds out of their own pocket. Pure Charity is an example of an adoption fundraising platform.

Before you apply for adoption grants, you should visit the organization’s website and verify the accuracy of their information and application criteria. It’s also a good idea to connect with other adoptive parents who have been through the process to hear their experiences.

How Do You Apply For Adoption Grants?

When you do your LGBT adoption grant research, select the adoption grants you think are right for you. Any U.S. citizen who has an approved home study is eligible to apply for adoption grants. You could apply for as many adoption grants as you want, but you’ll need to fill out the paperwork. You should research your options and submit the applications that you have the best opportunity of being awarded.

Other Adoption Grant Sources:

There are also state-specific adoption grant sources. States like North and South Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and New England states have adoption grants for residents of their state. Besides state-specific grants, there are also adoption agencies grants available to qualified families. State-specific and agency grants are usually child specific. This means that parents who are adopting children with special needs or hard to place children could apply for these grants.

Adoption grant research isn’t that easy, so here are some sources you could start with.

  • National Adoption Foundation is a grant source that has very few application requirements and a lot of people are applying for it.
  • Help Us Adopt this grant specifically states they will accept applications from LGBT couples hoping to adopt.
  • Gift of Adoption Fund does require a $40 application fee, but this grant allows single parents to apply.

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