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What to Expect During the Adoption Process

what to expect during the adoption process

If you have decided to adopt a child, you probably already know that you are in for an interesting, often quite tiresome journey. But regardless of your background, you will need to do some research in order to familiarize yourself with the process. Fortunately for you, what follows is an overview of everything you should expect while during a domestic adoption.

Finding the right adoption professional and filling out the paperwork.

This will be your first step toward growing your family. Although there are plenty of adoption agencies and professionals out there, you should be prepared to spend some time on finding the right one. Once you have done this, you will be asked to fill out the necessary paperwork. In order to avoid feeling stressed out before the process had even begun, keep in mind that adopting a baby involves lots of paperwork, so it's good to be prepared.

Working with a lawyer or a social worker.

If you have started the adoption process, at some point you will have to talk to either a lawyer or a social worker, maybe even both. They will serve as intermediaries between you, the birthmother, and any other relevant institutions. Being in charge of your case, they can help you complete it as soon as possible. This is why it is important to answer all their questions honestly and without holding back.

Preparing for the home study process.

After you have chosen your adoption agency or professional, filled out all the paperwork, and met your representatives, you will be asked to prepare for the home study process. This is the thing that adoptive parents dread the most, since it can be said that it involves quite a bit of privacy invasion. Basically, you will be interviewed by a social worker in your own home and answer a lot of personal questions that will cover all important aspects of your life.

Meeting birthmothers.

Once you have passed your agency’s test, you will get the chance to start meeting potential birthmothers. It is only logical for you to be focused on your own experience, but keep in mind that the birthmothers will be judging your personality as well. It's also a good idea to prepare yourself for the possibility one or more failed connections.

Stress and long wait times.

During this whole process, you will be under a lot of stress. Being put to test by agencies, institutions, and strangers is enough to make anyone anxious, but you will also be feeling stress caused by your desire to complete the process successfully. Actually bringing a baby home might take a long time, but as all adoptive parents say, in the end, it is worth every moment you spend worrying about the outcome.

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