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The Best YouTube Channels Devoted to Adoption

Adoptive Parent and Baby

Video is so popular is a popular way to learn new things. When you’re limited to written text there is more room for misinterpretation. There are quite a few great YouTube channels devoted strictly to adoption. Through networking, you can become a part of the larger adoption community while you visit these forums as well. Stories about adoption are a precious source of information, so here are few great YouTube resources devoted to the adoption platform.

  • OliviaHas2Moms is a great YouTube channel because it shows how the everyday life of a non-traditional family looks. The mothers Ebony and Denise also share their personal confessions what makes this channel a great source of information for all LGBT couples and individuals hoping to adopt.
  • An Adoption Story is a video about the Herring family’s adoption story. Whether you’re hoping to adopt, an expectant mom looking for options, or encouraging someone waiting for their child this story will inspire and encourage you.
  • Our Joyful Journey is another great video about a family’s adoption story. Adopting a baby is something they’ve dreamed about for so long and this video is about the 7+ year adoption journey they have been on with a little girl named Joy.
  • Sharing Dots is a storytelling agency. This channel is full of wonderful adoption stories which are a great inspiration for everyone who is considering adoption.
  • Adoption Council is a YouTube channel created by a non-profit adoption agency. They have so many stories to share with the world. There’s something for everyone involved in the adoption process and the stories are motivational and inspiring, so check it out.
  • The Making of a Family - Our China adoption is a heartwarming story about an international adoption. Lucky parents have adopted a little girl Lydia and they’ve decided to create a short documentary film about their experiences.
  • Single Dad Creates Own Family Through Adoption is a video that will inspire all single hoping to adopt. This is a story about Jonathan White who is trying to navigate the complex adoption system in order to create a family for him and his two adopted children.
  • Placing a Child for Adoption - A Birth Mother’s Story is Tamara’s story about her decision to place her son for adoption. Her story could inspire expectant moms who are considering their options.
  • How it Feels to be Adopted...I Am Sam is a funny and creative video created by Sam discusses how her parents made the best International purchase ever when they chose her to be their daughter. It provides a great understanding of an adoptees perspective on their adoption.


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