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YouTube Channels About Adoption

YouTube is now one of the biggest social media websites there is, so it's unsurprising that there is a fair amount of adoption content available on the Google-owned behemoth. YouTube is free to upload and view, meaning it's a great way for any family to share their stories and experiences, and an easy way for families wanting to learn more about adoption to do so through those stories. Below are some of the best YouTube channels focused on adoption.

Mrs. Marshelle

Mrs. Marshelle is a YouTubing mother of three little girls, two of whom came into her family via domestic open adoptions. Her channel is a wealth of information for any mom, including videos about DIY projects, cleaning, travel, and more, but most importantly, she has quite a few videos about adoption that many adoptive families will find helpful. Perhaps the most important videos she posts are those where her children spend time with their birthmothers. Many adoptive families find that a difficult part of the adoption process to consider, so seeing how Mrs. Marshelle makes it work can help soothe some of those worries.


Binti is an incredibly helpful channel that hosts multiple videos from every side of an adoption, adoptive families and birthmothers. These videos cover the entire spectrum of adoption experiences from beginning to end, meaning you're likely to find something helpful or inspiring that relates to your journey here!

Adopt a Love Story

This channel has quite a few adoption stories, most of which are told from the point of view of the adoptive families. These families come from all walks of life and include domestic as well as international adoptions. This wide range of adoption stories can help you learn what you variations you might expect as you move forward in your adoption journey.

Beauty Amidst the Ashes

Beauty Amidst the Ashes is a faith-based YouTube channel that has quite a few adoption videos. These videos include perspectives from both the birthmother and adoptive families, as well as some where they speak to the adopted child. Domestic and international adoptions are both discussed on this channel.


YouParent is a channel managed by a single family with seven children, five of whom are adopted. The videos range from normal family videos to those focusing heavily on adoption, including talking to the children about their thoughts on adoption. This channel is also a great resource for interracial families, as the YouParent children come from all over the world.

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