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How to Finance Your Adoption

Adoption is a very personal decision for parents, and there are numerous reasons why this decision is made. No matter the reason, adoption is a chance for parents to bring children into a loving and safe home. 

As you begin this process you will quickly discover the process is long and complicated. It follows state, federal and other regulations. There are a number of practical aspects that are required, and the legal proceedings require miles of paperwork. The average price of a domestic adoption is around $43,000, so it’s no surprise that many families require financial assistance to get through this process. Your costs will include administrative, legal, medical and other practical fees. These funds cover the costs of the adoption specialists, social workers, attorneys, medical professionals, courts, state-level administrators, and others who are involved in making the process safe and legal. The remainder of the fees go to paying the prospective birth mother’s expenses. Because all of these costs come due at different times, financial assistance is very important for many adoptive families. 

Getting Financial Assistance

Adoption financial assistance is not guaranteed, so it is critical for adoptive parents to budget as much as possible for the costs associated with adoption. While budgeting, future parents can also research other financial assistance options.

Adoption Grants

Adoption grants are awarded by nonprofit organizations and because it is a gift it does not have to be paid back. You must apply for each grant individually, and you may not be awarded the grants you are depending on, but there are a number of them available. Your adoption specialist can assist you, or you can research these on your own and complete the necessary paperwork. 

Adoption Loans

Adoption loans are similar to personal loans. You get them from financial institutions, they have a set payment plan,m and they include interest. Because there is some level of financial risk associated with any type of loan, this should be a last resort. It is recommended that you speak with your adoption specialist and your financial planner before taking out an adoption loan for financial assistance.

Tax Benefits and State Subsidies

Talk with your accountant about tax credits for adoption-related expenses and income exclusion for employer-provided adoption assistance. There are also state subsidies for families who adopt children born with special needs or for children who resided in foster care for a specific amount of time. Your adoption specialist will help you determine if these options can assist you in your search for financial assistance.


Get your extended family and your community involved to help assist you. Religious and community organizations are often wonderful support systems, and these days GoFundMe pages are great ways to reach out for assistance. Think through this carefully as this can open the door to questions and comments that you may want to not address.

Adopting a child is a long, complicated, and costly process, but there are options for financial assistance available to you. You may have to spend time and get creative to find these options but they are out there to bridge any gaps you may have in the adoption process. 


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