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5 Adoption-Focused Youtube Channels

As you’ve been making your way through your adoption journey, chances are that you’ve been reading every piece of adoption literature that you can get your hands on. Sometimes, however, all of that reading can grow tiring or hard on the eyes. That’s where YouTube comes in. 

In recent years, YouTube has become a hub for adoption agencies and adoptive families alike to share their perspectives on the joys and challenges of adoption. If you’re tired or reading but would still like to spend some time learning about adoption, consider checking out these YouTube channels: 



This channel is run by a corporation of the same name that helps match caseworkers to adoptive and foster families. The channel posts new content weekly, and video topics range from child welfare to adoption Q&A sessions. In addition, AdoptUSKids also features videos with adoption advice and stories from adoptive families and adopted youth. 



As the name suggests, SixBlindKids is run by a family who adopted six blind children (all of whom are now young adults). Several members of the family also face additional disabilities, but all are happy and as independent as possible. This channel mainly features glimpses into the family’s life and includes videos of them shopping, playing with pets, and decorating their home. That being said, SixBlindKids also offers videos about the family’s unique adoption story and their thoughts on adoption and autism. Therefore, this channel may be particularly useful if you are looking to adopt a child who is disabled. 



Much like SixBlindKids, YouParent is also run by a large adoptive family— in this case, a nine-person family with two birth children and five adopted children from different countries. In addition to adoption stories and advice on international adoption, this channel features videos about the family’s daily activities and shenanigans. It also includes videos where the children discuss their thoughts about adoption, so if you’re looking to better understand the perspective of an adopted child, this channel is a great place to look. Furthermore, this channel posts new content approximately every month, so you will have no shortage of adoption-related videos. 



Binti is unique in that it brings together perspectives from all sides of the adoption process. More specifically, it offers videos by both birth families and adoptive families, and strives to explore the adoption journey from beginning to end. As such, you will likely find the channel’s content helpful no matter where in the adoption process you are. It is worth noting that most of the channel’s videos are several years old; however, they still contain plenty of adoption inspiration and relevant information about the adoption process. 


Lifetime Adoption


Lifetime Adoption is run by a nationwide adoption center that strives to help both adoptive families and birth parents through the adoption process. Their YouTube channel features hundreds of videos about adoption, including videos by adoptive families, videos about unplanned pregnancy, adoptions Q&As, and much more. Additionally, this channel posts new content almost daily, so if you subscribe to them, you will never run out of adoption-related videos!


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