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Navigating Adoption as a Single Parent

Single parent adoptions are fast becoming common today. The family unit has now become diverse, far beyond the standard male/female parental unit. Not too long ago, it was close to impossible for a single parent to adopt a child legally. That you can now have a child as a single parent is a huge step in the right direction for people who want to experience the joy of being parents without having to be in the institution of marriage. 

As a single parent, before you embark on your adoption journey, there are a few basics that you need to know, and below are a few. 


Get Your Finances in Order

The adoption process can be expensive and long. This is why before you start on the adoption process while single you should ensure that your finances are in order. After the adoption is approved, you’ll need to take care of your child. To give your child the best life possible, you will provide their basic needs and more. Since you are a single parent, this will be your sole financial responsibility. 


You should also figure out how you’ll raise your child without neglecting your job, if it’s your only source of income. This means that you should be ready to explore the options of childcare, such as nannies and daycare, all of which cost money.


Have a Support System

When you adopt a child as a single parent, you won't have a partner to lean on when you are challenged with parenting. Consider finding a community of like-minded people who are single parents or who want to adopt a child as a single parent. This will provide you with a support system that you can lean on when needed.


Since the support group will have like-minded individuals, you’ll find that sharing your concerns with them will help ease your worries and anxiety as you embark on your adoptive journey. The support can go a long way to assure you that you are making the right choice by choosing single parent adoption.


Get Ready: Friends and Family have Questions

Your decision to become a single adoptive parent may not always go down well with people around you. This is especially if your family and circle of friends is made up of people who have firm beliefs in the traditional unit of the family. They may ask a lot of questions and try to get you to see their point of view. This shouldn’t deter you, as adopting a child while single is solely your decision.


However, not everyone will be against your single parent adoption plan. You should identify a close friend or family that’s one-hundred percent on board with your plan to be the guardian of your child in case something unplanned happens to you. This will ensure that in case of an issue your child will be cared for under any circumstance.


Single parent adoption is just as important as a two parent adoption. While going through the process, it’s also important to anticipate the steps that you’ll endure on your journey. This is why you should find a reliable adoption agency to help you smooth the process.

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