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6 LGBT Adoption Myths You Should Know

LGBT Adoption Myths

There are many myths surrounding LGBT adoption and parenting. These unfortunate and harmful misconceptions are based on common myths and false stereotypes. Those who are against the idea may claim unreal and negative facts linked to having two dads or two moms. This can be a step back for LGBT couples and individuals hoping to adopt, so these myths need to be dispelled!

Myth #1. Parenting choices are influenced by sexual orientation.

Good parenting involves a nurturing home with love from parents. LGBT couples and individuals can undoubtedly offer a loving home to their children. Effective parenting is not based on one's sexual orientation, but rather on one’s desire to be a good parent for their child.

Myth #2. Kids of LGBT couples are more likely to grow up to be gay themselves.

This is perhaps the most common LGBT adoption myth. People use this as an argument without valid reasons. The sexual orientation of parents has no impact on the sexual orientation of their children. Children raised in LGBT families are only more likely to become more tolerant of diversity which is, for sure, not a disadvantage.

Myth #3. Kids of LGBT parents will get picked on.

Yes, kids of LGBT couples might get picked on; however, many other kids will as well for reasons other than their parent’s sexual orientation. This is an unfortunate fact, but it is wrong to associate it with the LGBT community specifically. If anything, LGBT individuals may have a better understanding of what is like to face the issue of acceptance in society, so they can perhaps relate more to their child and provide more meaningful advice if their child does experience issues like this as they grow up.

Myth #4. In LGBT parent couples, one person takes on a male role and the other a female role.

Such roles are assigned by culture’s ideal of gender but those previously assigned roles have undergone drastic changes in recent years. Not all families accept assigned roles. However, this LGBT adoption myth is all around us and people are still work hard to define their children as a male and female and focus on gender differences. LGBT families often deconstruct the gender models assigned to us by the society, which is one reason why LGBT adoption is so important.

Myth #5. Kids raised by LGBT parents or individuals will develop psychological or developmental problems.

There is no clear evidence or research that justifies this LGBT adoption myth. Just like children raised in LGBT household will not turn out to be gay themselves, there is also no clear evidence that those children will struggle developmentally or socially. On the contrary, some studies show that children of LGBT parents are even more well-adjusted than their peers raised by non-LGBT parents.

Myth #6. LGBT people can not provide stable homes.

Studies and literature show that LGBT couples have long-lasting and stable relationships. These relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships in every term and it’s just a poor argument to apply this LGBT adoption myth generally. Every family is different and unique and what’s important is just to provide a loving and safe home to a child.

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