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YouTube Resources for Birthmothers

If you are going to be placing a child for adoption, you could benefit from several different social media sites. YouTube is one of the largest social media websites out there, and it has a fair amount of adoption content. YouTube is free for people to view and upload videos, so it allows families to share their experiences and stories. Through these stories, other families can learn more about the adoption process. Here are some of the best YouTube Channels focusing on adoption.

Mrs. Marshelle

The mother of three little girls, Mrs. Marshelle has two children she added to her family by open adoptions. Her channel provides information beneficial to any mother, including adoption, travel, cleaning, and do-it-yourself projects and activities. Some of the more important and more popular videos are those that show when her children spend time with their birthmothers. While so many adoptive families find that hard to consider, seeing how Mrs. Marshelle makes the process work can alleviate some concerns.


An incredible channel hosting multiple videos that show every side of the adoption process, these families are from different walks of life. These stories include both international and domestic adoptions. These various stories can help you learn what to expect in your adoption journey.

Beauty Amidst the Ashes

A faith-based channel, Beauty Amidst the Ashes has several adoption videos that feature birthmother and adoptive family perspectives. In some videos, the adopted child is interviewed. Both international and domestic adoptions are featured on this channel.


This is a channel managed by a family that has a total of seven children, including five of whom were adopted. The video selection ranges from the normal family videos to those that emphasize adoption. The children also discuss their thoughts regarding adoption. This is a great resource for birthmothers considering interracial adoptive families, since the YouParent family’s children are from all around the globe.

Adopt A Love Story

This channel features a variety of adoption stories. Most of the adoption stories are told from the view of the adoptive families, who come from all walks of life. There are domestic and international adoptions discussed. There are a wide range of adoption stories that can help anyone involved in the adoption process. You can learn about the different variations that might be experienced along the adoption journey.

These five channels are very beneficial to birthmothers who are placing children with families for adoption. Birthmothers get a closer look at the adoption process and learn how all those involved are affected throughout the journey. They can learn from the children’s comments and interviews as well as the videos featuring the adoptive parents and birthparents.

Adoption changes lives in many ways, so it is only normal to want to understand the process and to know what to expect throughout the adoption journey. Visiting these YouTube channels can help you be better prepared for what comes next while on the adoption journey.

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