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6 Ultrasound Emotions

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, you may experience a variety of strong emotions when you visit the doctor for an ultrasound. Although no two birth mothers’ experiences are the same, here are seven common emotions you might expect to feel during an ultrasound: 



If your pregnancy was unplanned, or if you were trying to distance yourself emotionally from the idea of having a baby, then seeing an image of your baby during the ultrasound can be a shocking experience. This shock may be accompanied by feelings of numbness as you come to terms with the reality of being pregnant. Similarly, if you weren’t previously aware that you were pregnant, finding this out during the ultrasound might be surprising and a bit scary.  



In addition to shock, many prospective birth mothers also experience grief during their ultrasounds. Hearing your child’s heartbeat might highlight what you would be losing by placing them for adoption, which may cause you to feel grief or loss. In this case, it’s important to remember that you are not obligated to choose adoption, especially if you come to feel that parenting might be the right choice for you. 



While attending an ultrasound, you may find out that your baby has health complications, which may cause you to feel disappointed and anxious about their future. This is completely normal, but you should remember that there are plenty of adoptive parents who are willing to adopt a child with special needs, and that your child can grow up to have a happy life regardless of their diagnosis. 


Attachment to the Baby 

As mentioned above, an ultrasound may make your pregnancy feel more real, particularly if you had previously been trying to ignore it. This may cause you to feel a heightened sense of attachment to your baby. Although you may find this sense of attachment confusing and a bit frightening, know that you will always share a bond with your child, regardless of whether you decide to parent them or place them for adoption.  



Often, ultrasounds are a source of good news, as they confirm that your baby is healthy. Unsurprisingly, this might cause you to feel a great deal of happiness for your child, their adoptive family, or even yourself. It’s completely natural to feel pride and joy at bringing a new baby into the world.  



Similarly, if an ultrasound shows that your baby is healthy, you might feel relieved that they are developing well. Furthermore, you might also experience relief that you are placing the child up for adoption, as the other emotions you feel during the ultrasound may confirm that this is the right choice for you.  


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