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Is Adoption the Right Choice for You?

Is Adoption the Right Choice for You?

We all have important choices in life. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, deciding whether to place your baby for adoption is one of those choices. We understand that facing this pregnancy is difficult, but you do have options.

Adoption is a loving and honorable choice. It takes a great deal of love and sacrifice to even consider it. We can help you explore adoption and determine what is right for both you and your child.

What is adoption?

Before making a decision, it’s important to understand exactly what adoption is. Adoption is a permanent, legally binding process that takes place when a woman, or a set of parents, decides not to parent and allow another family to raise her baby. After the adoption is finalized, the birthparents are no longer the legal parents of the baby and no longer have any legal parental rights.

Why choose adoption?

There are many reasons expectant mothers choose adoption, but an overwhelming reason is because they care about themselves and, more importantly, they care about their baby. No reason is too big nor too little to place your baby for adoption. Here are some common reasons:

  • She is not ready to be a parent.
  • She feels she is too young or immature to raise a baby.
  • She is not in a financial position to care for a baby.
  • She fears a baby might interfere with her school or career plans.
  • She does not want to be a single parent, or she wants her baby to grow up in a two-parent family.
  • She believes adoption offers best chance for her baby to grow up well cared for both emotionally and financially.

What can adoption offer your baby?

If you’re not ready to be a parent, you can still plan your baby’s future by choosing a stable, loving family for your baby. Adoption is one of the most loving, honorable, and selfless gifts you can give your baby and their adoptive family. Your decision will be a long-awaited miracle for one of our adoptive families. Here are just a few things adoption can provide for your baby.

  • Love
  • Safe, stable home life
  • Emotionally ready parents
  • Loving relatives and grandparents
  • Financial security
  • Quality education
  • Medical, dental, and eye care
  • Many opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life

After considering all these factors, you must truly understand the meaning and impact of placing your baby for adoption. Adoption is forever. It’s a decision that lasts a lifetime. Every woman’s circumstances are different, and you are the only one who can decide what is best in your unique situation.

We understand that making your choice and feeling confident about it is difficult, but we are here to help. We are happy to talk with you about your options or just lend an ear for listening. We will never pressure you one way or another. Placing your baby for adoption is entirely your decision, and we will respect whatever choice you make.

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