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Why Consider Adoption?

Why Consider Adoption?

Birthparents place their children for adoption for any number of reasons. While one expectant mother might be completely fine with a certain circumstance, that issue may be the very reason another expectant mother wants to place. While it is a very personal decision, there are some common reasons why expectant parents consider adoption for their baby.

Financial Issues

Some expectant parents feel they cannot provide their child the type of life they feel their child deserves without a stable income. It can feel overwhelming to suddenly have another person who depends on you completely. Maybe you already have children who depend on you and cannot care for another child.

Wanting a Two-Parent Household

In a perfect world, every parent who conceived a child would want to be present and emotionally invested in that child's life. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy find themselves without a partner early on in their pregnancy. Due to personal or moral beliefs, or even past experience, some feel that having a two-parent home is an absolute must for any child they are bringing into the world.

Too Young or Immature

While the average age of an expectant mother is in her early 20s, some are younger and some are older. Some expectant mothers feel they should have some level of education and/or life experience before they can properly care and provide for a child.

Lack of Support

After choosing to parent, some men and women are able to continue with their education and current lifestyle after an unplanned pregnancy. This is most often due to the help of friends and family members. If the baby’s father, your family, or your friends are not able to support you after the baby is born, it may feel very scary and overwhelming to attempt to parent with no help.

Other reasons include things like rape, incest, homelessness, an abusive situation, or simply wanting a better life for your child than you know you can provide. Keep in mind that no one can or should tell you that your reasons for placing a baby for adoption are wrong.

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