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Know Your Charities: Who Supports Adoption?

When you feel passionately about a cause, you likely want to ensure that any charitable giving you do supports that cause. If you want to support charities that work with the adoption community, you might consider one of these below. These five charities help out with different aspects of the adoption process, from birthparent counseling to supporting adoptive families.

BirthMom Buds

This charity supports birthmothers as well as pregnant women who are considering placing their child for adoption. The organization provides education so women can know what to expect, as well as moral and emotional support throughout the adoption process as well as in the years after. This group sponsors an annual birthmother retreat, which donations partially help fund.

Dave Thomas Foundation

The Dave Thomas Foundation is likely one of the most famous adoption-oriented charities out there. Founded by the CEO of fast food chain Wendy's, this group helps provide education to the general public, including helping employers become more adoption-friendly and helping those who qualify learn about adoption tax credits.

Gift of Adoption

This charity was started by a couple, Gene and Lucy, who realized that while they had the financial means to adopt their three children, many couples were not as fortunate. They established the charity to help as many couples as possible adopt children by covering as much of the adoption costs as possible. If you want to support this charity, you can give to specific needs, like local adoptions, medical needs, or preempting foster care.

National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

This network works to support the adoption of babies with Down syndrome from every angle, starting with helping birthmothers make the best decision for them and going through supporting them and the adoptive families all the way through the adoption process. NDSAN also works with adoption agencies to help ensure each of these special children has a loving family to meet all their needs.

On Your Feet Foundation

Founded in 2001, this organization was begun by adoptive parents, professionals, and a birthmother who saw the need for a support network for birthparents after the adoption is complete. The OYFF works on a case-by-case basis to determine each birthmother's needs, which may range from counseling or life coaching to grants to help them get to a point where they can establish themselves as self-sufficient.

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