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Online Support for Adoptive Families

Just like any other parent, adoptive parents can get scared or nervous, and you may find yourself needing help or advice from professionals or other parents who have been where you are. There are numerous resources available to help families resolve everything from general parenting questions to adoption process issues. Here are some of the best resources and support groups for adoptive families.

Families Adopting in Response

Families Adopting in Response (FAIR) is one of the U.S.’s most active adoption support groups. Run exclusively by a group of volunteers, the group manages to provide adoptive parents with the help they need, including special resources for families with special needs or transracial and transcultural adoptions. This group offers much-needed support and information as well as educational materials and the chance to connect with other adoptive families.

Post Adoption Services Project

This organization wants to provide adoptive families with any support that they might need after the adoption is finalized. The organization offers family counseling and referral support. It has a quarterly newsletter, offers various resources, and offers option adoption mediation and interaction therapy.

Adoptive Families Circle

One of the best groups for people considering adoption as well as those who have finalized adoption and have their new addition to the family home with them. This is a group of two separate groups that focus on adoption and the goal of helping adoptive families to thrive. This group includes transracial adoptive families, those who are still waiting to adopt, and those families that have parents who are older. Regardless of your situation in the adoption process, you will get beneficial information from this website.

Child Welfare Information Gateway

A government resource, this is among the most trusted sources for adoption information. This site covers various adoption issues, including Parenting After Adoption, so you can easily find information that is relevant to your specific situation. If you want to find out about bonding with your baby, just look for the Developmental Stages tab on the site and go under the age that shares your child’s age.

This is only a handful of the resources and websites available to provide beneficial information to families who are in the process of adopting, who have adopted, or who have or are placing a child for adoption. It is only normal to have questions and to need help with the various aspects of the adoption process and the parenting that follows. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Support groups are great ways to connect with other families experiencing the same things as your family.

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