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Fun Facts About LGBTQ Adoption

Out of over 594,000 same-sex couples in the US, 115,000 have children. Perhaps surprisingly, many same-sex couples raising children is higher in socially conservative parts of the United States. Typically, this is because gay or lesbian individuals in these areas came out later in their lives and have children from different-sex partners from earlier relationships. 

Despite the lack of legal protections there for LGBTQ families, the areas that have the highest proportion of same-sex parents lies in the southern, midwestern, and mountain west states. 

For a further look at the statistics of LGBTQ parenting:

  • The number of children living with at least one gay parent nationwide is estimated to be between 6 and 14 million

  • An additional two million LGBT individuals have considered or want to consider adoption

  • As many as four percent of all current adopted children in the United States are currently being raised by gay or lesbian parents

  • Over 16,000 same-sex couples have adopted an estimated 22,000 children in California alone

  • Same-sex couples are six times as likely to foster and four times more likely to raise an adopted child than different-sex parents

  • A review of families with children under 18 at home shows that 13% of gay and lesbian parents have adopted a child, compared to 3% amongst heterosexual parents

  • Heterosexual adoptive couples have a median age of 44, compared to 42 for LGBTQ adoptions


Some facts about outcomes of LGBTQ adoption

With the rise of LGBTQ adoptions comes a rush of information on the difference between children adopted by same-sex and opposite-sex couples. One concern from the public in the past was that children from LGBTQ couples would not be as competent as children from “normal families.” In fact, multiple studies have shown that children raised by LGBTQ couples have the same mental and social abilities at the appropriate stages of development as those raised by straight couples. 



  • Multiple studies have shown that children experience greater influence from individual interactions with their parents than from either parent’s sexual orientation. 

  • Lesbian and gay couples are more likely to adopt transracially than heterosexual couples. 

  • Children of LGTBQ adoptions are statistically more open-minded than their peers

  • Children of homosexual parents are more likely to say that gender roles aren’t an issue for them

  • Children who have at least one gay or lesbian parent are more self-aware, willing to communicate about their emotions, and are more empathetic 


LGBTQ adoption is growing around the world, bringing the benefits of parenthood – and having parents – to those who have previously been left out of the societal loop. Perhaps one of the most important statistics for hopeful American LGBTQ parents is this: From 2007, support for same-sex couples to adopt rose from 57% to 63% – and that number has surely only risen since. 

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