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5 Fun Adoption Fundraising Ideas

There's no doubt that adoption is a wonderful opportunity for all involved, but there's also no denying that it can be an expensive prospect for adoptive parents. Even with a moderate amount of disposable income, the costs of an adoption can be difficult to get together. Below are some adoption fundraising ideas to help you finance building your family.

Foodie Funding

People love to eat, and they love to do so in the name of a good cause! Consider setting up a table at your local farmer's market or flea market selling baked goods, or speak with local organizations about hosting a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner. Some restaurants are happy to host fundraisers as well, donating a percentage of their profits from a set time to your cause. Reach out and find ways to turn food into finances.

Cash from Trash

Okay, not literal trash. But it may as well be -- you're not using it! Go through your home to find items you no longer use or need, and have a yard sale! These often raise hundreds of dollars and can put a nice dent in your adoption budget. You may even have friends willing to donate more items or their time helping you manage the sale.

Get Crafty

Do you have a special skill or craft you love to make? If not, there's plenty that are easy to learn! Selling crafts on Etsy or Facebook can be an easy way to build up the funds you need. Be sure to tell your story on whatever platform you sell from -- people love knowing that money from their purchase is going to a good cause.

T-Shirt Treasury

Thanks to the power of the internet, designing and selling t-shirts is easier than ever! Design a t-shirt with a catchy slogan and attractive design that supports your cause (enlist the help of some artsy friends if you have them) and sell them online. This one requires little to no ongoing work, so it's a great way to get a steady flow of income going, small though it may be, that you can stash away for your adoption. Be sure to share the link to the t-shirts regularly on social media.


This is the first one that most people think of, and it's a great way to raise money if you have a large family or social network. Crowdfunding via sites like Crowdrise or or Gofundme are a great way to let people you know -- and even some you don't -- decide if they'd like to contribute to your cause. There may be more people than you realize willing to donate some of their money to help you grow your family. Be sure to share widely on social media throughout the course of the campaign; some people may even donate more than once as they are able.

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