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Adopting or Fostering an LGBTQ-Identifying Child

When you choose to adopt a child, you want to make sure you’re giving them the best life possible. This means catering to their emotional, mental and physical needs. As children try to navigate this crazy world, they need a reliable support system on their side.

The challenges you face as an adoptive or foster parent is added to when one of your children identifies as LGBTQ. They may feel alone, misunderstood or even confused with regards to where they are in the grand scheme of things.

When undergoing an LGBT adoption, there are several things that future parents should take into account to make sure they’re giving their child the best life possible. If you’re in this scenario, consider these parenting tips that are guaranteed to make this process easier.

Be Open With Your Child

Children need a safe space to vent and talk without the burden of feeling judged. When they have this option, they’re more likely to be happy and successful. This is especially necessary for children who identify as LGBT. If your child has the courage to confide in you their sexuality, keep the door open for discussion. You have the opportunity to empower your child and make them feel whole and accepted, even as they try to figure out who they are.

Educate Your Child

If your child is of age to have consensual sex, educate them on best practices so they are completely safe. You are their main source for reliable information. Therefore, make sure you’re giving it to them without holding back. This will help your child develop the necessary tools for dating and experiencing the world without worry. While it may be tempting to try to shield them from the adult world a little longer, it is better for them to know their options and know how to be safe than to possibly start experimenting without all the knowledge they need.

Stand Up for Your Child

Your child may feel insecure and that no one understands them. There are a few closed minded individuals who will try to make them feel as such. They may make fun of them, put them down, or pass them up for opportunities because of who they are.

Your job as a parent is to give them the space necessary to be themselves and develop a high level of confidence. When you notice your child is being hard on themselves, correct it! This is especially necessary when you notice your child is being reprimanded by an outside source. Make it your goal to provide a certain level of confidence within your child so they know exactly who they are.

Parenting a child who identifies as LGBT comes with its unique challenges. However, with an open mind and persistence, you can create a safe space that keeps your child happy and engaged. By doing so, they’ll grow into a well-rounded adult who has the resources needed to take on the world.

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