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Adopting on a Budget: Overcoming Adoption Expenses

There are so many wonderful people who want to become adoptive parents, but many of them feel that, while they would love to adopt, they simply cannot afford to. We’re not going to lie to you and say that affording adoption expenses as an average Joe doesn’t take effort and sacrifice, but it can definitely be done — and often without getting into debt! Let’s take a look at some of the adoption expenses you can expect to pay, and then move on to the tips and tricks you can use to pay for them.


Adoption Expenses
The cost of adoption can vary depending on many factors, such as your state, job, personal circumstances, and so on. The type of adoption you choose can also play a big role in how much the adoption process will cost you.


  • Public Agency: $0-2,500

  • Licensed Private Agency: $5,000-40,000+

  • Independent Adoption: $8,000-50,000+

  • International Adoption: $15,000-30,000+

Affording Adoption Expenses
While some prospective parents choose to pay for the cost of adoption using loans, many also choose to get creative to raise funds. You’d be surprised how much money can be raised by doing some research! Let’s explore some of the most popular methods for raising money for adoption expenses. 


  1. Can your Employer Help You?
    Few adoptive parents realize that their workplace may be the source of most of their required funds. Many larger companies offer adoption benefits to their staff. The type of perks or funds available will vary between companies, but the amount received could reach up to $10,000, so it’s definitely worth asking HR about what your company offers.

  2. Are you Eligible for Grants?
    Similar to how many students afford to go to college, there are a variety of government grants which may help you to adopt. You’ll need to research what you’re eligible for, and realize that applying for the first grant may take you some time. Once you have the art of form-filling down, however, you’ll find the process goes much more quickly.

  3. Extra Hours?
    Some adoptive parents opt to take on a second job to help to pay for adoption fees, but this can be very taxing and exhausting and should be avoided where possible. After all, you want to be able to enjoy the journey to becoming parents! However, doing a few hours of overtime a week where possible can make more of a difference in your finances than you realize, so it is worth considering.

  4. Let Others Know!
    Don’t keep your mission to adopt quiet. Tell your friends and family. You never know the generosity of your loved ones. From small loans to second-hand baby supplies, and not to mention moral support, keeping connected with those special to you can really help get the gears in motion. On a similar note, you may find setting up a crowdfunding page such as a ‘Go Fund Me’ might help you to raise needed funds.

  5. Get Creative!
    Do you have a skill that could work as a side-job? Are you crafty? The internet is a great place to make some extra cash. Sites like Etsy and Storenvy can be great for selling handmade items. eBay can be used to clear out some unused items from around your home. If you have a particular skillset, then creating your own course on sites like SkillShare or Udemy could bring in a surprising amount of extra cash. 


Think Outside the Box
The options we have listed are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how you can afford to adopt. Sit down and have a brainstorm with your significant other or a close friend and see what options are viable for you. With a plan of action in place, you’ll likely feel more driven and motivated towards your end-goal. 

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