While gay adoption remains controversial, it is becoming more and more common and even desired by many birthparents. Additionally, it proves to have both personal and economic benefits. There are several advantages for LGBT families interested in adoption.

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It is commonly misunderstood that children in same-sex households will face problems as a direct result of their parents’ sexual orientation. This is a vast misconception, seeing the advantages and benefits LGBT adoption could offer your family and your future child.

Advantages of an LGBT Adoptive Family

Many gay couples — certainly those offering themselves as adoptive parents — form relationships that are more stable than many heterosexual marriages, thus giving adopted children a secure emotional home.

Because they actively choose and had to work hard to be parents, gay parents can be more motivated, involved, and committed than some hetersexual parents.

Children that grow up in same-sex households are more sympathetic to differences and more likely to believe in equality for all.

Children raised in same-sex households are proven to be more open minded about different lifestyles and relationships than children who are raised in traditional opposite-sex households.

Children of gay parents report they felt less hindered by gender stereotypes than they might have been if raised in a heterosexual household.

There is a shortage of adoptive parents. A loving adoptive family — gay or straight — is better than the foster care system.

Same-sex relationships have been proven to be more stable than many heterosexual relationships, providing a better example of a healthy relationship for the child involved.

If having parents of the same gender is disadvantageous to children in any way, it has nothing to do with their parent's gender and everything to do with society's reaction to the family.

Affection and nurturing qualities are more common with peers amongst children who have been raised in same-sex households, in comparison to children who grew up in heterosexual households.

Children with gay adoptive parents are more apt to think outside of the societal box.

Because gay parents have likely had to face difficulties and discrimination in their lives, they are usually better able to appreciate when their child has his or her own problems.

Gay parents will naturally be more open minded when it comes to accepting their child’s lifestyle choices.

Children raised in same-sex households may have a better ability to overcome huge obstacles, stand firm in the face of adversity, and make decisions based on emotion and love rather than firm facts.

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