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Fun Holiday Traditions for Adoptive Families

If you have newly adopted children, you probably want to establish holiday traditions that your family can enjoy for years to come. Holidays can be a busy time, but it is also a time when we want to create lasting memories for our children. Instead of trying to create a picture-perfect holiday like those from the Hallmark movies, focus on creating a tradition that allows you to bond with your child. Here are a few ways you can make your holiday stand out after the adoption has been completed and you are legally a family.

Enjoy the Prep Work

Any holiday activity requires preparation. Let your children be an active part of getting ready for the celebration. Don’t decide everything yourself; instead, think of ways your children can be actively involved.

Whether it is helping you in the kitchen or decorating your home for a festive dinner, they need to have a role. There is always something a child can do, such as help mix up the cookies or cakes, set out the decorations in the dining room, or make place cards for the family at the dining table.

First Christmas

The first Christmas after an adoption should be extra memorable. You can turn this holiday season into a great opportunity for bonding by making a snowman or a bear for each family member, including the newest addition to the family. After all, it is the time for cold weather and winter activities outdoor.

These snowmen or bears can be made from paper, wood, or a variety of materials. You can get as creative as you want. This can become a tradition where the child’s snowman or bear grows and changes every year, or where each year sees a different holiday-themed creature added to the collection.

Made With Love

Make homemade ornaments! Homemade ornaments are fun and can be used for years to come. Spend quality time together as a family on an arts and crafts project where you make your own Christmas tree ornaments.

There are literally dozens of options for easy to make ornaments, so let your child help choose an ornament for you to make as a family. You can make candy canes from beads, create wreaths from pipe cleaners, or paint and decorate pine cones if you are looking for something simple. Woodcrafts and more elaborate ornaments can also be created.

Make Memories on Page

Scrapbooking is always great. Make a scrapbook detailing your child’s first Christmas holiday with your family. You can let the imaginations run wild. This is a great way to hold on to some of the first important moments you have shared together. Detail all the other activities you have done this season, such as dinners, caroling, visiting Santa, and making ornaments. Be sure to have photo prints, glue and paint ready.

Do Some Good

Volunteering is a great way to deepen your family’s relationship with one another and with the family’s new addition after the adoption has been finalized. Volunteering will also help instill core values in your child that will benefit him or her for years to come. The holidays are a great time for charity work.

By choosing a couple of these options to make your family’s holiday traditions stay enjoyable for years to come, you can welcome your new child into the family and provide bonding time while creating lifelong memories.

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