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Adopted Famous Figures

There are a lot of adopted famous figures with interesting adoption life stories. Adoption changed their lives in a positive way to the point that they have made great societal contributions. The following list exemplifies famous figures and their inspirational adoptive familly life stories.

Bill Clinton

Clinton was raised by his grandparents after his father died in a car accident. His mother decided to leave him with her parents while she went on to attend nursing school. When she returned years later, she married a man named Roger Clinton, and young Bill took his name and moved back in with the new family. Bill Clinton is the second president of the United States to be adopted, the first one is Gerald Ford.

John Lennon

Lennon’s parents separated when he was three. Soon after, his father disappeared and his mother decided that it would be best if John’s aunt Mimi and uncle George raise him. His mother stayed a part of his life, but she never raised him full-time.

Ray Liotta

Liotta’s unmarried parents realized they couldn’t afford to raise him so the place him up for adoption when he was six months old. His adoptive parents told him he was adopted when he was very young, but when he got older he decided to find and meet his birth family. Liotta remains grateful that he was adopted, but he said that he had struggled with feelings and he wanted to learn about his background.

Faith Hill

The country singer was adopted from a very young age. She said that she was adopted into a loving and incredible home, but she felt like a part of her was missing so she decided to search for her birthparents.

Debbie Harry

The Blondie singer was adopted when she was three months old. She said that her parents told her about the adoption when she was four and it made her feel special. She loved her adoptive family, but an interesting fact she shared is that she used to fantasize that her mother was Marilyn Monroe. Debbie Harry said that being adopted made her so adventurous and open minded.

Eric Clapton

After having an affair with an older soldier, Clapton’s mother gave birth to him when she was 16. He was raised by his grandparents and believed that his mother was his older sister.

Dave Thomas

The Wendy’s founder was adopted when he was six weeks old. His adoptive mother died when he was young, so he spent a lot of time moving from state to state with his adoptive father. Thomas is the founder of Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that connects children from foster care with adoptive families.

Babe Ruth

Before the home runs, Babe Ruth was an energetic child born into a family of eight children. At a young age, he was sent to boarding school and was adopted by monks who encouraged him to play baseball.

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