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Financial Benefits to Adopting from Foster Care

Anyone who has previously adopted or is thinking to adopt knows that, compared the benefits of raising a child and becoming a family, the potential financial support that comes with foster care adoption is inconsequential. However, for those thinking of adoption who are on a lower income, the financial benefits of adopting from foster care can be a big help in making their dreams of a family come true. In this article we’ll be exploring the kinds of adoption support, benefits, and subsidies you may gain from foster care adoption.

Adoption for All

Because foster care represents a system, and not an individual expectant mother, like independent adoptions, adopting from foster care offers a real chance for alternative parents, who may be declined when adopting privately. This is particularly true for LGBT adoption, as well as adoption involving older parents or ethnic minorities.

The key element that fostering agencies look for when connecting and placing children is that a stable, loving home and upbringing can be supplied, not the ‘perceived impact’ of prospective parents’ age, gender, sexuality or race. When you also consider the fact that adoption from foster care usually costs under $1,000, whereas other options can cost upwards of $30,000, foster care adoption really stands out as an all inclusive, non-discriminatory choice.


One of the biggest stressors for many families is health insurance. With prices and rates seeming to change daily, making sure your family is protected should the worst happen can be a difficult process. Children adopted from foster care are given state-funded health insurance until they are at least 18, and if you have adopted a beautiful special needs child, then the health insurance period may be further extended.

Monthly Subsidies

One of the things that life does best is throw you a curveball, from broken phones, to car troubles, life's hiccups can become all the more stressful when you have an extra mouth to feed. Like foster parents, adoptive parents may also be eligible for monthly subsidies to help with the costs of raising their adopted children. This can be a boon to low income families in particular, as it allows them to raise their children in the best possible way, allowing for day trips, holidays and other additional experiences.


One of many parents hopes and dreams for their child is that they will go to college. The same hope is held for all children, whether adopted or otherwise. Children adopted from foster care are often eligible for free college tuition, allowing them to academically achieve at the highest level. This is a weight off of many adoptive parents shoulders, as finances may have previously been dented for fertility-challenged or LGBT couples, who have attempted IVF or other treatments.

Final Thoughts

Financial adoption support now makes it easier than even to fulfill your parenting dreams. Whether you're an LGBT couple, a more mature couple, a single parent, or from a low income background, adoption from foster care opens doors to those with love in their heart and a space in their home for a child, no matter their outward appearance or circumstances.

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