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How to Stay Positive and Hopeful During the Adoption Wait

You’ve done everything that’s required of you. You’ve found yourself an agency, filled out all the paperwork and completed the home study. Now you’re asked to wait without knowing how long it could be before you’ll bring your child home. In situations like these, it can be hard to stay positive and believe everything’s going to work out for the best. Fortunately for you, there are some tricks you can use to make yours a positive mentality adoption!

Surround yourself with people...

There’s no better way to stay positive than to surround yourself with positive people. Hanging out with friends and family will help distract you from the issues at hand. It will also provide you with much needed moral support. So whenever you start feeling down, simply pick up the phone and organize a nice family dinner or an interesting social outing!

Keep yourself occupied...

Keeping your mind away from things you can’t control can be done through work. Make a list of everything you’d like to do before your child arrives. This might involve any number of things, including organizing your closets, setting your financial and personal affairs in order, or reading some of those books that have been collecting dust while you were dealing with the home study. Believe us, you’ll feel a lot better!

Consider joining a support group...

Just think of how many people there are who are going through the exact same thing. Do think you’d benefit from listening to their stories? For example, chances are you’ll lose your sense of direction at some point during the waiting time. Your support group will be there to get you back on track in no time!

Read blogs...

On the other hand, maybe there are no adoption support groups in your area. Or maybe you’re not a people person, and wouldn’t like to have to meet a bunch of strangers and let them in your private life. If that’s the case, you still have plenty of options. First of all, there are online support groups you can join. And second, you can always find a blogger that talks about adoption issues, and use their blog as both a distraction and a way to keep yourself informed!

Do something nice for yourself...

But every once in a while, you should make an effort to simply unwind. This will help keep you fresh as you go, as well as prevent the accumulation of any unnecessary negative feelings. Go to a spa, enjoy a leisurely afternoon with a nice book or treat yourself to a relaxing picnic!

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