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Adoption 101 for Prospective Parents

When you’re considering adoption, you will likely have a lot of questions about the process. While the details of each adoption may vary, in this article we’ll go over the basics of what to expect during the course of your adoption process.

Find the Right Professionals


The first step after deciding that adoption is the right choice for your family is finding the right professionals to help you through the process. This may be an adoption agency, an adoption facilitator, or an adoption lawyer — or possibly a combination of several. It is important to take the time to learn what each of these can do for you, and to ask questions of each specific option you’re considering. Consider the level of cost you can afford and the level of support you would like throughout your adoption. 


Decide What Type of Adoption is Right for You


Once you have professionals on your side, they can help you decide what type of adoption is best for you. Some of the options you may consider are:

  • Newborn adoption

  • Older child adoption

  • Closed adoption

  • Semi-open adoption

  • Open adoption

  • Domestic adoption

  • International adoption

  • Transracial adoption

There are of course many factors to consider, but these are just a few of the options you’ll need to consider your stance on. 


Create Your Adoption Profile 

Your adoption consists of a lot of paperwork, including an application, a questionnaire, and an adoption plan that covers your preferences, including what type of adoption you’d like and what kind of contact you hope to have with the birthmother. 


Another important part of what you’ll be filling out is your adoption profile. This is what will be seen by birthmothers, so it is vital to be honest while putting your best foot forward. 


Home Study

Often the most nerve-wracking part of any adoption is the home study, though there really is no reason to be nervous! The purpose of the home study is to prepare you for adoption while also ensuring you can provide a safe home for a child. To this end, a social worker will visit your home, gather information, and interview your family. 


Find a Birthmother

This is the part of adoption that generally takes the longest: finding a birthmother. If you will be doing a newborn adoption, your adoption profile will be used to introduce you to birthmothers. Once a birthmother selects your family, you will sometimes interview with her before a final decision is made. If both sides accept, from this point you will move on to the placement of the baby after birth. 


These are of course just the basics of adoption — there are many ways you may deviate from this path! The most important things are to know what you want, be flexible, and find the right professionals to help you on your adoption journey. While your adoption may vary in how long it takes, the end result of your child will always be worth it.

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