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What Birthmothers are Looking for in Your Adoptive Family Profile

Your adoptive family profile is kind of like an open book that allows a birthmother to enter your life and hopefully pick yours among many other profiles. Imagine reading five to ten of these profiles at a time. They might start to sound similar, but this creates a perfect opportunity for your profile to stand out from others! What birthmothers are looking for in adoptive parents is the most common question, and the answer is everything but simple. Here we give you some answers about what birthmothers are looking for in order to help you write a perfect adoptive family profile.

1. Things you want to do with your child

Every birthmother wants a caring family that can provide things she is not able to. Write about or include some photos of your favorite activities in your adoptive family profile. Instead of simply describing things you do, mention how you would incorporate your child into your favorite activities and your daily routine. Also mention places you want to visit with your child, as well as new activities you will do together.

2. Other children and relatives

Birthmothers will want to know if an adoptive family has close friends or relatives who have young children. A big advantage for you is to write something about, for example, your niece or nephew and how you enjoy spending time with him or her. Include some photos of moments you spent together in your profile. If you already have children definitely do include some family photos. Don’t forget your fur-babies — pets are part of your family too, and you should definitely mention them and include pictures.

3. Description of your personality

A birthmother is choosing the parents for her child, so an important part of your profile should be a description of your personality. She wants to know what led you to adoption, why you want to be parents, how you two plan to work as a team, how you met, etc. But make sure that romantic spark in your profile doesn't go overboard. This way you can say more about what type of people you and your partner are. Be honest and open about who you are, but include every element, from humorous to romantic, carefully in your profile.

4. Uniqueness

No matter how vague this sounds, just be yourself. It really is the only way to present your family in the best light. Birthmothers have a lot to think about and a lot of profiles to read, which doesn't make their decision any easier. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make your adoptive family profile unique. Write about specific qualities that your family has. She wants to know if one of you will be a stay-at-home parent or how long you have wanted a child, as well as how you plan on raising the child, so make sure you answer these questions.

Remember that an adoptive family profile is the first impression of who you are to a birthmother, so put your heart and soul into it!

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