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For Adoptive Parents: What Type of Adoption is Right for You?

Adoptive Family - which adoption type is right for you?

An adoption involves a lot of factors. Every adoptive parent and birthmother need to be on the same page when it comes to an adoption type, just like they need to work together to decide what type is the right fit for them. Before choosing an adoption type, think about every option and the advantages and disadvantages of each one so you can choose the type which is the most suitable for you and your family.

Adoption Types

  • An open adoption is an adoption type that involves an open relationship with your baby's birthmother, including regular communication and sometimes visits. The process itself usually means that the adoption professional gives profiles of prospective adoptive families to a birthmother and she chooses the family she’s likes most. The openness and level of communication are something both parties can discuss together and find the best solution for them and the baby. This adoption is common when it comes to domestic adoptions.
  • A semi-open adoption describes the type of relationship between prospective adoptive parents and a birthmother that includes the sharing of personal information to some degree. This usually includes only sharing photos or letters or emails, rather than a completely open communication.
  • A closed adoption means that there is little or no contact made between adoptive parents and a birthmother. Usually, no contact or personal details are shared between people involved in an adoption process. This adoption type is common when it comes to international adoptions, but it’s also not rare in domestic adoptions.

How to Tell Which Type of Adoption is Right for You

Choosing an adoption type is a difficult and highly personal decision. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of every adoption type. Open adoption is a good choice if you want your child to get to know his or her birthmother or birthparents, to have a full medical record and contact information. On the other hand, some birthmothers feel like the closed adoption is the only choice for them in order to move forward with their life after the adoption. This adoption type can be hard for your child because he or she will know almost nothing about his or her parents' motivation behind the adoption. The best way to find out what adoption type is right for you is to talk with your partner, your adoption professional and have your priorities cleared up before you even start an adoption process.

A Birthmother’s Opinion

Don’t forget about a birthmother since this is also a hard decision for her. She may or may not want the same adoption type as you so, probably the best thing to do is to remain open-minded and take her feelings into consideration. Together and through an adoption professional, you can find a solution, as long as you try to have an open communication and be honest with yourself and other persons involved in the adoption process.

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