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7 Children's Books About Diversity

children's books about diversity

Your kids may be asking you why some people look different, why we speak different languages, why we celebrate different holidays, why there are families with two mommies or two daddies. Sometimes, children can think of so many smart questions that it’s hard to find a proper answer. Books are still among the best ways to present various topics to your curious child. Every parent’s obligation is to teach their kids about diversity. Make learning fun with these wonderful children’s books about diversity.

1. Stinky the Bulldog is a book perfect for toddlers. Stinky is a bulldog who moves to a new neighborhood, and mama bulldog teaches him valuable lessons about how it’s not fair to judge others based on their appearance and color.

2. It's Okay To Be Different is by Todd Parr and features his trademark colorful, bold illustrations. Perfect for early readers, this book celebrates individuality and fosters self-confidence.

3. My Family is Forever is a great book to teach your child about different types of family. With this book, your little one can easily understand that some families are formed through birth while other are formed through adoption. Just like the little girl in this book, your child will also learn that it’s not important who you look like or where you were born. What matters is the love that connects a family.

4. How My Family Came to Be: Daddy, Papa and Me is a wonderful book about diversity. It’s told from a little boy’s point of view what makes it perfect for introducing the topic of LGBT families to your little one. This book celebrates interracial, gay adoptive family, and love that brings them together.

5. And Tango Makes Three is about a special event that actually happened at the New York’s Central Park Zoo. This is a story about two male penguins Roy and Silo who love each other and make a nest together. They don’t have an egg to keep it warm, but their keeper gives them an egg and their new baby Tango arrives soon after that.

6. Worm Loves Worm is a great book about diversity for your child. When a worm loves another worm, they decide to get married. Their friends want to know who’s going to wear the dress and who is going to wear the tux, but they come to find out that it doesn't matter at all.

7. The Sissy Duckling is a book for children ages 5-8. The main character is Elmer, who’s not like other boy ducklings. Other ducklings mock him constantly, but Elmer shows how the biggest "sissy" can also be the greatest hero. 

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