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10 Gender Neutral Decorating Ideas

Working on a gender neutral decor scheme is one way to prepare your home for your future adoptive children, while also improving your home and creating a more welcoming environment. Below are ten gender neutral decoration ideas you may consider trying in your own home.

Neutral Colors: Arguably the simplest method of starting with gender neutral decorating is by using neutral colors. Anything grayscale and any shade of brown qualifies as neutral, meaning you can do anything from stark white to a black/white combination, to a basic beige. One huge benefit of sticking with neutral colors at the beginning is the ability to add whatever colors you like later on!

Bold Pop: Speaking of adding colors -- having all neutrals with one bold stroke of color is a fantastic way to add a gender-neutral feel to your home. For example, a black and white scheme with a splash of red is always a classic.

Metallics: This is another one that can work with neutrals. Metallics offer a wide range of finish options, from incredibly shiny to matte or brushed, and you can step outside the traditional metal colors of copper, silver, and gold to colorful metallics in every color of the rainbow to combine this method with a bold pop of color.

Naturals: Let the great outdoors be your guide! Natural tones in brown and green combined with shapes inspired by nature are timeless and genderless.

Vintage: While the past had it's decor missteps (please, avoid the shag carpeting), it can certainly be used as inspiration for modern decoration themes. Art deco, pop art, Victorian, and more are great options for decorating without a focus on gender.

Blend textures: In general, soft textures are considered more feminine while hard textures are perceived as more masculine. Instead of fighting those perceptions at every turn in your decorating, take advantage of them by blending the two. For example, a leather couch might be perceived as masculine, but a soft woven blanket or a plush velvet throw pillow can soften its edges for a more gender neutral appearance.

Culture: If your family has a particular culture in its history that you're proud of or want to explore, your home decor can be a great place to do that. Exploring your roots as you decorate your home can help you feel more connected to your family history while avoiding decoration stereotypes.

Theme: Think about what you love, and show it to the world! Or at least those who visit your home. If your family loves the movies, you could decorate a room like a cinema. If you love hiking, let the colors and accent pieces echo a mountain trail. Travel, animals, and art are a few other themes you might consider.

Rainbow: When one color might be a bit too polarizing, use them all! While a bright rainbow might be a bit much for every room, using rainbow-colored pieces in a neutral-colored room or having one brightly colored rainbow room might work well for your family.

Classic colors: Last but certainly not least, the gender-neutral classics are classics for a reason. Yellow and green don't have a stereotypical gender attachment, and there's plenty of decor available with those options.

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