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8 Books About Adoption

Parenthood is full of joys and challenges. Children of adoptive parents have additional challenges in explaining often complicated circumstances of their family. Picture books and stories are perfect for introducing children to new ideas in fun and engaging ways. Here is a list of children’s stories that affirm the love and unity of all families.


The Adventures of Wyatt and Friends: Welcome Home Jax

Sarah Lanier

When a small, green bird Jax needs help, a young boy Wyatt and his father come to the rescue. They take Jax home to Wyatt’s Second Chance Ranch, and this story follows their adventures as a new family. The book is based somewhat on a true story, and all proceeds from the sales of this book support the true-life Wyatt’s Second Chance Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas, owned by Wyatt’s fathers Nick and Steve. 


Adoption is for Always

Linda Walvoord Girard

This story deals with the raw emotions that children may feel with the knowledge they have been adopted.  Here, Celia starts to feel frustrated and out of place with her new family. Celia’s parents appropriacy their daughter with sensitivity and understanding, making her adoption a family holiday.


Felicia’s Favorite Story

Leslea Newman

Felicia’s parents, Mama Nessa and Mama Linda, tell a familiar bedtime story to their daughter. They recall their trip to meet their new baby girl, traveling in a silver airplane. This story affirms parents’ love for their children from the moment they see them.


Sweet Moon Baby

Karen Henry Clark

A tale told from the perspective of birth parents that also helps explain many people that have supported children on their journey through the adoption process. Set in China, one baby’s birth parents imagine a better life for their daughter. With the help and guidance of friendly animals – among them a monkey, a panda, and fish – the baby floats in a basket down a moonlit river, to be arrive at the home of her new parents.


And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson

This book is loosely based on the true, famous story of two male penguins who were given a chick to raise together in captivity. In this adaptation, penguins Roy and Silo are entrusted to raise a baby penguin with the help of their zookeeper. Thought to be controversial when first published, this book affirms the abundance of love and care all parents give to their children.


The Day We Met You

Phoebe Koehler

A book to celebrate the joy of completing a new family. A mother and father recall the day their adopted baby was brought to their home. The stories of children’s homecoming should be remembered and retold often.


Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

Jamie Lee Curtis

The day a child comes home to their new family is unforgettable. A young girl asks her parents to recount the day of her birth, the day she was also taken home with her new family. This is a story that commemorates a pair of memorable events that should be celebrated in every adopted child’s life.


The Mulberry Bird

Anne Braff Brodzinsky PhD


This book attempts to make children aware of the circumstances that led their birth parents to arrange for their placement. A mother bird’s nest is scattered by a storm. The mother knows that she does not have the resources to care for a baby bird, and so must make the difficult decision to allow another family to care for her baby bird. Such stories can help remove children’s’ thoughts that it was “their fault” that their birth parents placed them for adoption.


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