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Sandra Bullock's Adoption Story

Sandra Bullock’s Son Louis Bardo Bullock

Louis Bardo Bullock: Sandra Bullock's Adoption Story

It’s common for celebrities to adopt, although it is not very often that they keep it a big secret. Some believe that Sandra Bullock’s decision to adopt an African-American baby was inspired by her role in “The Blind Side”. However, she denies that her role in the film had anything to do with her decision to adopt. Sandra says the decision to adopt had already been made when she accepted the role in the award-winning film. Here’s the story of how she and Louis became a family.

Sandra and Her Baby Boy

Sandra Bullock began the adoption process in 2006 and went through the final steps to bring her little boy home in 2010. Her son, Louis Bardo Bullock, was born in New Orleans. Sandra said it was important to her to adopt from the US. However, her adoption was quite a surprise as she kept it a secret from the media. During an interview with Vogue Magazine, Sandra talked about the ways her son has changed her life. She says she couldn’t be any happier with her life as a single mom.

How She Kept Her Adoption a Secret

With help from close friends and family, Sandra was able to keep her pending adoption hidden. However, she may have dropped a few hints during her acceptance speech for best actress role in “The Blind Side”. She says that she kept Louis a secret because she didn’t want him getting pulled into all the craziness that was going on during the middle of awards season.

She also admits to using decoys and cars with tinted windows for doctor’s visits. Additionally, Sandra explains that she had a Jewish circumcision performed for Louis because a procedure done in a hospital would have drawn the attention of the media. Surely it couldn’t have been easy for this famed movie star to keep such a big secret from the world for so long, but she says that it was all well worth it.

How Does Hollywood Affect Louis Bardo Bullock?

Sandra admitted that she was concerned that the movie business has a way of taking a kid’s childhood away too quickly, and she was determined not to let this happen to her son. She says she would give everything up for her son, including her movie career. Sandra assured the media that whatever pressures she faces in the industry, they don’t in any way affect her son.

If there came a point where her career was getting in the way of her duties as a mother, she made it very clear that it would be time for her to leave the business. She even says she would pack her bags and move to Alaska, though that might be a little far-fetched. Sandra makes it clear to everyone around her that caring for Louis is her number one priority.

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