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Family Bonding After the Adoption

Going through the adoption process is exciting. Then, once you finally get the seal of approval, the emotions are endless. Welcoming your new family member is just the beginning of a long journey of both fun and hard work.

In order to make your new addition feel welcome, you need to be proactive in planning exciting family events. This will help them feel more like an integrated part of the family. It may even help them feel more comfortable with your family unit and community. If you’re early in the adoption process and want to plan some fun, family events, check out these awesome ideas that are guaranteed to make the whole family smile.

Miniature Golf

This family-friendly outing is interactive and fun. It’s also a great ice-breaker if your new child is quiet. Getting active and working your mind at the same time are two components for a great time.

Dinner and a Movie

Treasured childhood memories begin at the movie theatre. Choose a fun family-friendly movie that everyone will enjoy. Once again, this activity is excellent for quiet members of the family who need a little extra pushing. There’s no pressure to keep the conversations flowing as the movies do all the correspondence.

Paint Night

Sip n’ Paint parties are all the rage amongst the adult crowd. However, you can let your kids get in on the fun by planning a G-rated paint night. Usually, the artists running the events will have an easy paint class that’s guaranteed to challenge the mind and let everyone tap into their creative mind.

In addition, painting has been known to relieve stress. Sure, adopting a child is an amazing experience. However, it still has its fair share of anxieties for both you and the child. Participating in this unique activity is a great way to break the ice and have a great time.

Plan a Family Game Night

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to bond with your family members, stay in and plan a family game night! Whip out the classics and show your kids what you’ve got. Everyone loves playing old school games like Monopoly, Twister and Goldfish. Ensure the games fit the age of your child to make sure everyone is included. This is a sure-fire way to increase bonding and bring the family together.

Plan a Family Event

One way to incorporate your new family member into their new life is to have a family party. Gather your friends and extended family members and host a wonderful dinner. This will allow your family and new child the opportunity to get to know each other. Plan a yummy meal, play some ice breaker games or just relax and get to know one another. This is an excellent way to increase the bond and get the family together.

It is up to you to make your new family member feel at ease. Therefore, go above and beyond to plan fun, family events that are focused on bonding. This will increase your familial bond and help your new family member feel right at home.

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