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How to Create Your Baby's Adoption Story

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Creating an adoption story about your child is a great way to help him or her learn about their history and how they came to be part of your family. When you have a book to look at, it’s so much easier to start an adoption conversation with your child and help them understand the adoption process as a whole. Through a story you create, you can teach your child and also motivate him or her to ask questions. Here are some tips on how to create your baby’s adoption story!

Getting Started

The first step is to choose how you want to do it, which is a lot of fun since there are so many interesting and creative ways of creating an adoption story. You can go simple and buy a three-ring binder so that individual pages can be updated from time to time. You can use a photo album as well and write short stories underneath each picture to describe that moment you’ve decided to include in an adoption story book. You can also go all out and create a scrapbook where each page is totally custom-made. These books can be handwritten or typed, but whatever you choose make sure it’s something your child will love since an adoption story is a great story to read before the bedtime!

Before you start to prepare an actual book, select photos, stories, colors, and stickers you want to use just to see if everything is there before you get started. Organize it so it has some chronological order and that way you’re going to create an actual story your child is going to love. Ask your partner or a friend to help you if you need some creative inspiration.

Look up some ideas from other parents who’ve already created and shared their adoption stories. You can maybe find just the perfect inspiration for your story.

Begin Writing

Consider what you want to include in your story and create a rough outline. Also think about a personal name for the story. You can talk about what led you to adoption, the communication process with your child's birthmother, your journey to the hospital to pick him or her up, your first few days and weeks together, etc. When it comes to a domestic adoption, you can also consider including pictures with the birthmother at the hospital as well as a special note or an object from the birth family. If you feel like it's too difficult or overwhelming to start writing your child's adoption story, take as much time as you need for contemplation and preparation. It’s better to relax and find the right words than to rush this special project. 

The idea is to read this to your child as he or she grows up, so keep your language and explanations kid-friendly. Try to create a story and make your adoption book interactive since kids love to participate in stories and games. A fun approach is to write the story as if you were talking to your child, maybe even ask a question or solicit his or her thoughts every so often. This will make the story a lot more fun and and engaging for your child.

Adoption doesn't end when you leave the hospital — it's a lifelong journey. Consider leaving extra space on each page or at the end of your story. As your child grows, you can continue to add special thoughts and memories to the storybook you’ve created.

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