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6 Helpful Resources for Adoptive Parents

Everybody has times when they need the support and help of someone they trust. Throughout the adoption process, you’d be surprised at just how often that may be. Adoption is a challenge from start to finish, but is always so rewarding in the end. To help adoptive parents make the most of their experience and make the right choices, there are a wide variety of resources at their disposal. This article is going to cover just a few of those resources, including support groups for parents.

Adoptive Families Circle

Adoptive Families Circle is a one-stop shop for all things adoption. Run by the New Hope Media Network, Adoptive Families Circle has anything from helpful blog posts and discussion boards for adoptive parents and an adoption agency directory for those who want to adopt in the future. Whether you’re looking to learn more or to just spend some time reading and learning about other parents’ inspiring journeys, AFC is a great place to go.

Families Adopting in Response (FAIR)

Families Adopting in Response is a nonprofit organization that seeks to connect adoptive families with other families, helpful resources and support groups. The organization is entirely volunteer-run, and they have events going on year round, both online and in person. You can check out their website to learn more about what they do and how they can help your family. For membership, there is a $30 fee, although there are accommodations for low-income individuals and families.

Transfiguring Adoption

Who better to learn from than parents who have been in a situation like yours before? Transfiguring Adoption was started by two adoptive parents, and their organization’s goal is to help families in their transition at the beginning of their adoption process. Starting conversations with a newly-adopted adolescent or teen can be difficult, so Transfiguring Adoption tries to create connections between parents and children with media, like books, movies and TV shows. Their website has plenty of book and movie lists, helpful tips, conversation starters, and advice. 

Center for Parent Information and Resources

If your child has a disability, the Center for Parent Information and Resources will be an invaluable tool to helping you love and nurture your child. This resource is designed specifically for parents of children who have special needs, and there are even sections of the website that talk about the challenges faced by adoptive parents of special needs kids.

Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE)

As the Center for Adoption Support and Education’s website states, it’s not all smooth sailing once the burden of paperwork is done and the adoption is finalized. CASE is designed for all adoptive parents as a way to maintain mental health, boost confidence and answer some of the questions adoptive parents face.

Don’t Forget About In-Person Resources Too!


The websites we’ve compiled here are an excellent way to lighten the load of parenthood and adoption. But these definitely aren’t the only way that you can find support. Your family, friends, adoption agencies, therapists and in-person support groups are amazing resources as well, and these websites should be used to supplement them.

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